Admission to KG-IX and XI

Admissions are open for classes KG-IX and XI as per the following criteria:

  • For KG: Not less than 4+years as on 31st March,2018
  • For classes I to IX and XI as per the following criteria:
    a- Age as on 31st March,2018

    1- Class I: 5 or 5+ years
    2- Class II: 6 or 6+ years
    3- Class III: 7 or 7+ years
    4- Class IV: 8 or 8+ years
    5- Class V: 9 or 9+ years
    6- Class VI: 10 or 10+ years
    7- Class VII: 11 or 11+ years
    8- Class VIII: 12 or 12+ years
    9- Class IX: 13 or 13+ years and Class XI: 15 or 15+ years

    b- Admission to a particular class is subject to the academic assessment and past academic record.


  • Self Attested photocopies of

    1- Birth Certificate
    2- Address Proof
    3- PAN Card of one or both the parents on the same page.

  • Transfer Certificate in Original.
  • Report card of the class last attended.
  • Recent Medical/ Fitness certificate in original with a mention of blood group of the student.
  • 5 Passport size photographs of the Student(s) and 4 passport size photographs each of Father, Mother and/or Legal Guardian.
  • Copy of the Immunization Card.