Gymnastics and Taekwondo

Gymnastics is a sports combination strength, balance, agility, co-ordination, speed and flexibility. In this club, also known as the Jump-Pro Club, the students will learn how to lift and rotate their body. They will learn different skills like front roll, back roll, handstand, cartwheel, back walkover, front walkover, etc. The Jump-Pro Club helps students to increase their flexibility of lower and upper limbs.

The school also has Taekwondo as part of this club. Taekwondo movements are not meant for attacking, but rather for using the hands and feet as weapons for defence. The tactics are not meant to cause harm, but rather deflect and neutralise an aggressor. Counterattack movements such as blocking, sparring, kicking, jumping, throwing and falling are all essential components. Jiptjung is a significant part of self- defence training, where breathing is used to combine force and energy.