Preparatory School

At Somerville International Preparatory School, we believe in providing a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to creating a stimulating and inclusive atmosphere where students can explore their interests, develop critical thinking skills and build the confidence needed to excel in a rapidly changing world.

Our curriculum is designed to not only meet academic standards but also to cultivate creativity, resilience and a sense of responsibility.

Beyond the classroom, SIPS offers a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities, ranging from sports and arts to community service initiatives. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also compassionate and socially aware.

Nursery Admission Age Criteria

Students as young as 3 or 3+ years old can enrol in Nursery.

Kindergarten Admission Age Criteria

According to National Education Policy 2000, students as young as 4 or 4+ years old will be enrolled in Lower K.G. and those that are 5 or 5+ will be enrolled in Upper K.G.

Fees Structure


One Time, Non Refundable

₹ 39,600/-


Per Month

₹ 13,000/-