Mishika Jane


During my 4 years at Somerville International, I learnt so much more than I have from anything else I’ve ever done. From starring in the annual school production in 2019, to being the Student Editor In- Chief of the school magazine in 2021, to finally being the school topper in 2022, I achieved way more than I ever could possibly have hoped for.

More recently, I was also invited to go back and be on the Executive Board for the UNCSW at the SISMUN ‘23 Conference. It was an extremely satisfying experience, as it allowed me to be back in my so-called “quarters”, and, yet again, do something I’d never done before. Being on the Chair for the event opened up a huge new world of possibilities to me.

To the current students at SIS, all I have to say is - Embrace every opportunity to learn whatever it is that you’re being taught here. Be inquisitive. Be curious. Be outgoing. Seize every opportunity presented to you. Make memories, every day, every chance you get. I know I did, and, in hindsight, I’m so grateful that I did.

I’d like to thank every single one of my teachers, who acted not just as teachers, but as mentors, as friends, as parents, and as whatever else it is that we needed them to be. These achievements of mine would never have been possible without their guidance, their encouragement, and the belief they placed in me.

I have no better way to sum up my experience at SIS than by saying that Somerville is, was and shall always be my happy place.

I will forever cherish and hold close to me the people I met, and the memories I made here.

Mishika Jane
XII Commerce – Batch 2021-22